Grandmother, 95, becomes oldest coronavirus patient to make full recovery

A 95-year-old grandmother who was diagnosed with coronavirus earlier this month has become the oldest patient to make a full recovery.

Alma Clara Corsini, from Fanano, was rushed to a hospital in the city's northern province of Pavullo on March 5 after showing symptoms of COVID-19.

But medical staff now say Mrs Corsini has shown a "great reaction" and made a full recovery in Modena, Italy.

She told Italian newspaper Gazzetta Di Modena: "Yes, yes, I'm fine. They were good people who looked after me well, and now they'll send me home in a little while."

She has since been been discharged and returned home.

Specialists at the hospital said the elderly patient was able to recover without "antiviral therapy", meaning drugs intended to help fight off a virus.

Mrs Corsini became the "pride of the staff" during her time in hospital, according to local reports.

Her miraculous recovery comes as Italian doctors announced a 79-year-old man had also recovered from coronavirus after spending 12 days in hospital being treated with remdesivir, an experimental Ebola drug that has had some success in curing COVID-19.

It was also used to treat Americans who tested positive for the virus after travelling on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Italy has become the worst-hit country in the world amid the coronavirus pandemic, with 59,138 confirmed cases and a death toll of 5,576.. However it has also seen 7,024 people recover from the virus.

On Sunday the Italian government banned travel within the country and also issued an order freezing all business activity deemed non-essential, in an effort to increase social distancing.

On Monday it was confirmed the army would be deployed to impose a lockdown in Italy's worst hit region of Lombardy, after its coronavirus death toll surged to more than 3,450 in the last 24 hours.

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