Google Maps users baffled after spotting old Soviet aircraft as house extension

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Thousands of people have been left baffled after a Google Maps user noticed part of an old Soviet aircraft being used as a house extension.

The eagle-eyed user noticed the cockpit had been attached to an apartment in Russia, with the aesthetics being matched with a blue and white theme.

Reddit user u/newtrawn uploaded the image with the caption: "Just the fuselage of a jet used to expand an apartment. Nothing to see here."

The post received 10.1k upvotes, with the peculiar building proving to be a hit with Reddit users who scrambled to find a link to rent it.

One interested user said: "It’s by design. That means someone thought it would be a kick ass idea and well it’s interesting."

While another commented: "Hell yeah, is the aeroplane bathroom in there too?"

A third wrote: "At least the paint job fits the building. It would be pretty dope if you had a simulator in that cockpit though."

After some digging users highlighted that the concept was first introduced by aviation enthusiast Alexander Petrovich Smirnov ( A.P. Smirnov ).

According to website, the building has been a massive attraction in the town of Susuman since 1983.

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The description of the building reads: "House number 27 on Sovetskaya Street is one of the main attractions of the city of Susuman in the Magadan region.

"A.P. Smirnov came up with the idea – to 'add' to the premises of the main section of the SUT – an aircraft modelling circle – a real aircraft cockpit.

"Local authorities did not give permission for such an architectural experiment for a long time.

"But in the end, Smirnov's stubbornness prevailed and in the summer of 1986 the nose of the fuselage of this aircraft went from the repair base of Magadan-13 airport to Susuman, where it was 'mounted' to the 2nd floor of the SUT."

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