Fury as landlord ‘fixes’ collapsed ceiling with wooden board

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A tenant was left in stitches when they came home to see their landlord's makeshift solution to a collapsed ceiling.

Milie posted a video on TikTok to show the quick fix done by the landlord because they couldn't get past the logic behind it.

"We told our landlord the ceiling was collapsing and this was his solution," they said while walking into their flatmate's room.

Milie burst out laughing as they find a long wooden board standing right next to the bed, reaching all the way to the ceiling.

"It looked so ridiculous," they add. "It's literally holding up your room."

The flatmate checks on the plank, which stands at a slightly bent angle, and jokes that he can play "hot wheels" car on it.

Video showed not only the potential danger to the tenants and the property but also the landlord's handling to the situation.

It sparked outrage among viewers who said the matter is "legally obliged to be fixed by the landlord".

One said: "I hope this is a short term thing because that board looks like it's about to snap."

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A second commented: "Framers bend strapping like that to hold ceilings often. It looks like your room had a closet or a bathroom and he took it out to make it a bedroom."

"Please tell me they knocked off a few hundred on this month's rent with the promise of a better fix later," a third wrote.

Milie responded in the comments: "You guys! I love my landlord! I just don't know what the logic was there. It's a temporary solution."

Others said they would pack their belongings and move out immediately if they were living in the room.

"This is very dangerous! Call the city council and get out right now," a concerned viewer wrote.

"It's time to call tenant and landlord act. You could die if that falls!" another added.

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