Fuming family say goldfish were ‘boiled to death’ by contractors heating home

A devastated family returned home to find their five goldfish, including one called Darth Vader, boiled alive.

Mum-of-three Emmaline Green, 46, hired a specialist team to dry out her flooded four-bed home in Thetford, Norfolk, in May, which was caused by a toilet depressor getting stuck overnight.

The massive operation to get rid of all the excess water sadly ended up killing Emmaline's daughter's beloved pets Mr Big Fish, Good, Bad, Ugly as well as Darth Vader, she claims, The Mirror reports.

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Doctor Emmaline says she asked the specialist team to move the animals to the cool carport but they were instead left in a bedroom as the temperature of the house was boosted to 50C.

Little Beatrix, 10, is still too heartbroken to speak about the loss of her fish, which were found by GP Emmaline and her partner Hadrian Holland, 33, all lifeless in their aquarium.

The industrial heaters also broke their TV, as well as damaging furniture and doors.

Emmaline told The Sun: "We found the fish just floating in their tank. They didn’t stand a chance.

“The one that broke my daughter’s heart was Mr Big Fish. He wasn’t just a fish to her, he was a friend.

“We had him for six years after she won him at a fairground.

"I sat her down and told her in and she just wept and wept – I’ll never forgive them for that, and for how they’ve treated us during this incredibly difficult time."

The mum added to The Mirror: "It was the insurance company Royal Sun Alliance who hired the contractors to dry the house that killed fish.

"We were bundled out of house in 20 minutes and were told they would look after them.

"People are saying it’s our fault as builders don’t look after fish. They gave us no choice and pushed us out of our house. "

Insurer Royal Sun Alliance apologised for the family's distress and claimed it had offered compensation.

They said the firm would look to learn from what they called a “complex case”.


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