Foster dog’s emotional reaction to being given a cushion for the first time

Susie, a timid black and tanned pup from Canada, is currently being fostered by a woman who cares for animals with special needs. In one of the clips posted to her TikTok account @timberandkona, the terrified canine is shown sitting outside in the garden.

Clearly nervous and unsure, Susie has been given a chair pillow to help calm her and give her somewhere soft to sit on.

But viewers are told in a heartbreaking caption that the woman has quickly realised that the crossbreed dog has never had her own cushion to lay on.

Susie is shown gingerly perching her chin on the pillow unsure of what exactly she is supposed to do with it.

The sad footage was posted with the title: “Foster pups often don’t know how to ‘dog’ when they arrive. Simple tasks like stairs, or even getting comfortable can be firsts.”

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Since uploading to TikTok, Susie’s reaction has been watched over one million times, leaving many dog owners moved and sharing similar stories.

One person said: “My dog had the same reaction, I adopted her from Greece where she was abused by her family. She also didn’t know how to play with toys and how to cuddle.”

Another user wrote: “Took my rescue dog a few months to start sitting on our sofa. He was always so scared, but now happily takes up all the space.”

Another comment read: “I was so excited when my dog finally learned to be a dog. I love when she’s just being a dog since she came to me all scared from the pound.”

Susie’s foster owner continues to share her progress as she slowly becomes more confident and displays more dog-like behaviour.


Foster pups often don’t know how to “dog” when they arrive. Simple tasks, like stairs, or even getting comfortable can be firsts. ##foster ##fosterdog

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