Female trophy hunter sent death threats after posing next to dead animals

A female trophy hunter who sparked fury after she posted pictures of herself next to dead animals online has said she has received death threats.

Johanna Clermont, 23, a hunter who has killed animals all over the world, said she has received tons of online abuse for taking part in the sport.

The student, who is from France, has shared images of herself next to a dead bloody antelope in South Africa and a deer in Scotland.

In one snap, she even smeared the blood of one of her kills on her face as part of an ancient tradition.

She said she aims to show the glamorous and feminine side of hunting and insists she has never been subjected to sexism in the male-dominated world of blood sports.

The 23-year-old said: "You can go hunting and be pretty, brush your hair, wear a bit of makeup if you want, and care about your clothes. I think you can be glamorous in hunting, of course."

She added: "The practice in itself is not glamorous because going into nature to kill animals to eat is not glamorous, but in your attitude when you go hunting, yes of course you can be glamorous."

Johanna shares the images to Instagram, where she has over 300,000 followers but admits her exploits don’t always win her praise.

Describing the first time she killed an animal, Johanna said she thought she was going to "feel guilty" but didn’t and realised it was "something very natural".

She said: "My first animal was a wild boar and it didn't suffer, and when I saw it dead, I was like, yes, OK, that's the way life is and that's the way nature goes.

"It's not a hard moment, it's more of a moment when you think a lot about life."

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Johanna said: “If I want to eat meat, nowadays you can go to the shop and buy some pieces of meat and you do not know what is really in it.

"When you go hunting and you kill your own food, yes, there is a kind of pleasure that you feel.

"It's natural, organic. And it tastes different!"

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