Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa ‘punched man to get away’ during terrifying incident

A close friend of Mia Khalifa has revealed the shocking harassment incident that "really changed" the ex-Pornhub star.

In 2016 Mia quit porn for good, deciding instead to use her notoriety to launch a career in presenting and influencing.

Fellow model and influencer Jenna Lee, who met the OnlyFans star shortly after this, said that she went from an "outgoing, fun, normal girl" to the opposite, not even being able to go to the shop for food without being harassed.

Speaking to Bustle, Jenna explained that she thinks Mia's background in the porn industry means that people feel more entitled to touch her compared to other celebrities with more PG histories.

"I saw the public get to her, and I saw her change," she said.

Recalling one particularly horrible incident, Jenna explained how the pair went to see rapper Future together at a concert in 2017.

Whilst they were there, she claims that a group of men recognised Mia and began grabbing at her, trying to pull her away from the people she was with.

Mia apparently had to resort to violence to get one of the men to stop harassing her.

Jenna said: "She ended up literally having to punch a guy to get away.

"She really changed after that. Mia couldn’t be nice to anyone in public."

The unwanted male attention didn't just come when she was out in public.

Also speaking to Bustle, Mia herself explained how she quit her job co-hosting the Complex sports show Out of Bounds due to "toxic male energy".

She left the show after just two months working there, despite making an "insane" salary of $10,000 (£8,085) per month.

At the time, the official reason she gave was that she was unhappy living in Los Angeles where the show was recorded.

However, she explained that – due to the show's target audience being young men – every appearance would bring abuse from viewers who would constantly bring up her past.

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