EU SURRENDER: Greta Thunberg silences Brussels MEPs as she challenges their ’empty words’

Speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels, the 17-year-old slammed the bloc’s latest pledge to be carbon neutral by 2050. The activist insisted the EU is “pretending you can be a climate leader…that empty words will make this emergency go away”. “This must come to an end. You yourselves declared we’re in a climate emergency,” she added.

“Now you must prove you mean it. This climate law is surrender.”

Praising the millions of school children who went on an education strike, Greta demanded European leaders “unite behind the science”.

She added: “When your children set off the fire alarm you went outside, took a look and smelt the air, and stated, yes, the house is actually burning.

“This was no false alarm but you went back inside, finished your dinner, watched your movie and went to bed without calling the fire department.

“You’re giving up on the Paris Agreement, giving up on your promises and giving up on doing everything you possible can to ensure a safe future for your own children.”


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