Drug-addicted convict becomes OnlyFans star after jail

A drug-addicted criminal who spent over four years behind bars managed to turn his life around – and now earns almost $1 million (around £540,000) a year on OnlyFans.

Dale Egan is now in the top 0.2% of OnlyFans creators in Australia, but just 12 months ago he was borrowing money to buy petrol.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the 31-year-old revealed how he fell into the wrong crowd when trying to make ends meet, eventually turning to both crime and drugs.

He said: “I was in a deep, dark black hole and going through hurt in my life. Every time I was in emotional pain I was acting out.

“I had depression, and that combined with drug use, I was just smashing my brain.”

Dale admits he fell into the wrong crowd with crime and drugs eventually leading him to time in prison.

He was arrested in 2015 for home invasion and handed a four-and-a-half years sentence behind bars at the age of 25.

Even after leaving prison, Dale was left to struggle and spent months borrowing money for food and rent.

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It was then he chose to become an adult entertainer and joined OnlyFans with a following of nothing,

Dale began following similar people in the industry and gained help from other girls on the platform.

But it was only when he made the decision to join TikTok that his popularity hit new heights by posting the opening scenes of ‘role play’ videos from his OnlyFans account.

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His popularity on the subscription site has seen him make five-figures a month and he is not afraid to splash the cash.

Dale said: “'I'm so grateful and blessed, I reflect on it every day. I'm living in a five bedroom house by myself, just bought a new ute, bought a jet ski.”

However, the adult star has admitted his career has made him “not desirable” to date.

He told the Mail that his work “is not the easiest thing to accept”.

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