Doomsday mum’s chilling words about where her two kids were after ‘killing them’

A doomsday believer mother charged with the murder of her two children reportedly refused to tell her brother where the kids were after their deaths.

Lori Vallow and partner Chad Daybell are facing multiple murder charges in connection with the deaths of 16-year-old Tylee Ashlyn Ryan, and Joshua J Vallow, 7 and Tammy Daybell, 49.

The two children disappeared in September 2019.

It is claimed that Tylee was burned and dismembered before being buried just a few days before her 17th birthday.

JJ’s body was discovered wrapped in tape and plastic and was buried on September 22, according to investigators.

The couple allegedly put the bodies in a makeshift pet cemetery in Daybell’s garden.

Vallow's older brother, Adam Cox, has discussed his sister in a podcast " The Followers: Madness of Two," which detailed the painstaking case over multiple episodes.

The brother claims that his sister refused to tell him where the two children were, and he knew at that point they were dead, FOX reports.

Speaking on the podcast, Alex said: "I thought, 'If they're good, Lori, you tell me where these kids are.

"If she says, 'Well, I'm not going to tell you where the kids are,' that means the kids aren't alive. I knew right then and there that the kids were dead."

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He added that he believed his sister had been "mentally ill her whole life".

Prior to the killing, they were part of an online chat room called "Another Voice of Warning”, made up of Mormons.

Vallow and Daybell would regularly post in the group, where they allegedly confessed to the murders.

The mum, whose children were from a previous marriage, believed she was an “exalted goddess” and needed to marry her new husband to fulfil a religious prophecy before the apocalypse.

After the murders, other group members began to post about Daybell.

One wrote: “We know Chad is a visionary and can communicate beyond the veil There are SO MANY RIGHTEOUS possibilities here.

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“There is no reason to jump to negative ones. Think about Chad's character.

Vallow believed her purpose on Earth was to create a new holy city, according to court papers obtained by The Sun.

She claimed to be the grandmother of Mormon founder Joseph Smith Jr in a past life.

Daybell has been charged with the death of his former wife Tammy, 49.

She was pronounced dead under “suspicious circumstances” in 2019, with prosecutors now seeking the death penalty.

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