Doomsday cult mum laughs and jokes in eerie video hours after husband’s murder

Doomsday cultist Lori Vallow, charged with the murder of her two children, said she “didn’t want to deal” with her husband just a few hours after he was shot dead.

In a video released by Arizona police, the giggling religious fanatic can be heard saying: “He's always mad at me.

"He doesn't want a divorce, but I don't like him and don't want to deal with him but that's just how it is”.

Meanwhile Vallow's daughter Tylee Ryan– who herself was later murdered – tearfully told detectives about the Vallow's often violent relationship in a separate interview.

“It’s for the most part been pretty mundane but there have been a few like, violent times with him when I was really scared he was going to hit me or my mom like just cause everything was kind of crazy," Tylee said.

"Me and him have always kind of not gotten along like just since I was little," she added, " and so there have been a few times we have gotten in fights and stuff like that so I am just always kind of scared of that.”

Lori Vallow’s estranged fourth husband Charles was shot dead by her brother Alex Cox, during an argument her home in Phoenix Arizona.

Alex Cox himself died at the end of 2019, and his cause of death is yet to be determined.

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Cox claimed that he had shot Charles in self-defence but the killing has now been ruled to be a homicide and Vallow faces a charge of conspiracy over the killing.

According to Cox’s testimony, Charles Vallow was threatening him with a baseball bat so he told him to drop it and fired "at least two shots" when he refused.

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Several months before his death, Charles Vallow had begun divorce proceedings, and alleged his wife had threatened to kill him.

"She told me that she was a god and was assigned to carry out the work of the 144,000 at Christ’s second coming in July of 2020," Charles Vallow wrote.

"She said I was in the way and she would have to murder me if I tried to stop her.”

He said Vallow believed an “angel” would help her dispose of the body.

Interviewed shortly after Charles’s death, an apparently calm and unruffled Vallow discussed her troubled relationship with her estranged husband – even laughing and joking with detectives as she explained how her marriage collapsed.

She told police that Charles only cared about their adopted son Joshua, and clashed with stepdaughter Tylee.

Meanwhile, according to a police report, “Lori was accusing Charles of infidelity and Charles was accusing Lori of being mentally unstable due to her religious beliefs”.

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