Donald Trump was ‘UK unsung hero’ as EU’s hatred should be a ‘badge of honour’ says ally

Trump: Hatred from EU is a ‘badge of honour’ says US expert

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Former US advisor and Senior Fellow of the Bow Group think tank Lee Cohen spoke to where he discussed the differences between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Mr Cohen was asked how he felt considering the US may have two presidents in a row which have harmed America’s image internationally. But Mr Cohen was enraged at the comparison and strongly defended Donald Trump and explained why he could be considered the UK’s “unsung hero”.

Speaking to, Mr Cohen discussed the Afghanistan withdrawal and whether or not things would be different under Mr Trump.

He was asked how he felt about being represented by two unpopular presidents to which he disagreed.

The Conservative commentator said: “While Biden is an embarrassment who has now exposed the world to untold danger through his incompetence and tone-deaf willfullness, Trump, though hated by many across the globe for his rhetoric, accomplished so many beneficial outcomes.

“If ‘America First’ rankled other countries, that is rubbish, Britain should be for Britain first as should France, Italy, and all nations.

“Trump just proclaimed out loud and unapologetically and I say with no hesitation, he made us safer and more prosperous.

“Why he even achieved more for elusive Middle East peace than any of his predecessors but is not ever given credit for it.”

Mr Cohen then looked at the European Union and the sour relationship between Mr Trump and the bloc.

Mr Trump said of former European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker he was “a vicious man who hated the United States desperately.”

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The former president also drew the ire of many European leaders after he withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Mr Cohen however thought these conflicts were positive and said: “If the EU, for instance, thought badly of Trump’s America, I’d say that is a badge of honour.

“Vis-a-vis the UK, as I wrote in pieces for Newsweek and the Spectator, Trump was Britain’s greatest unsung champion.

“He was fully in support, and vocally so, of Brexit and the UK re-emerging as a strong independent nation, unlike Biden who would have preferred Britain to remain a vassal state of the EU.

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“Trump was for the sovereignty of all nations, Biden supports the woke one world order that has resulted in chaos and failure in the EU’s vaccine catastrophes.

“Trump got the threats from China and Russia and worked hard to counter them, Biden is just helpless and caves – He has made mighty America a shameful laughing stock.”

Mr Cohen admitted while Mr Trump’s rhetoric was a bit of a “rollercoaster” it projected “strength that deterred our enemies” before saying he shared nothing in common with Mr Biden.

He added: “Not a single American was killed in Afghanistan in 2020 because the Taliban and ISIS knew if Americans were harmed while he was in office, Donald Trump would have called down hellfire upon them.”

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