Domestic abuser tells victim ‘see you around b***h’ seconds after his conviction

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A domestic abuser who was jailed for throwing a vase at his fiancé, leaving her with a 5cm forehead scar, turned to her in court and said: "I'll see you around b****."

62-year-old Keith Page made the disturbing comments moments after he was given 14 months in jail and a lifetime restraining order.

Just minutes before his outburst Page had told the court how remorseful he was, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The judge later said the remark could be treated as a contempt of court or investigated as a potential breach of the restraining order, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail.

The victim was accompanied by her daughter and partner, who said they would make a complaint of a potential breach of the order.

Former soldier Page, from Speke in Liverpool, threw the vase at his bride-to-be's head when England lost the Euro 2020 final.

The couple were set to marry at the end of that month, but just weeks before the big day he started texting his victim saying he didn't want to go through with the service.

The victim said Page, who had post-traumatic stress disorder, could be violent and abusive, especially when drinking.

The 66-year-old had been with Page for eight years and was left with bits of ceramic in her forehead.

Police later discovered a note left by Page which read: "Life is over, can't stop here. I hurt you by tossing a cup at you. I've decided to walk.

"See you on the dark side of the moon. Good luck in life."

Page admitted assault causing actual bodily harm.

He went on to suggest it was a "reckless ricochet" and he had only intended to throw a cushion, but later abandoned this claim.

Prosecutor Simon Duncan said: "She had to run to her young neighbour's and she felt so ashamed of her appearance to that neighbour and bringing the situation to their door.

"She said she no longer felt comfortable in her own home and couldn't even have her windows open, even in the hot weather. She said she is scared he's going to turn up at some point."

The court heard Page's criminal record included a battery in February 2012 against a former wife, who when drunk he had "punched and headbutted".

Paul Becker, Page's lawyer, said: "He is remorseful and says he has 'completely and utterly messed up'."

He added that Page was no longer in contact with his family, who appeared to have disowned him.

Page performed active service between 1974 and 1996, including four tours of duty in Northern Ireland and one in the Falklands, according to Mr Becker.

The judge said the case was aggravated by Page's consumption of alcohol and a previous conviction for domestic violence.

He accepted Page had mental health issues, but said the case was "far too serious" for a suspended prison sentence.

If you have been affected by issues of domestic violence or coercive control you can call Refuge 's 24-Hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline for free. The number is 0808 2000 247.

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