Dog walkers’ horror after huge metal spikes left in sausage rolls near park

Sickos booby trapped sausage rolls with long metal spikes and left them near a park – horrifying dog walkers.

A 17-year-old boy found them in an alleyway leading to Stratton Park in Basingstoke, Hampshire, as he walked home.

The mouldy bits of food had eight 10cm-long spikes sticking out of them – posing a serious risk to pets.

The child and his mum Tracy Hook went back to the park and put the spikes in a bin.

Tracy also posted photos of them online to warn other locals.

She said: “I don't know who would have done such a thing.

"It's obvious that somebody wanted to inflict harm on an animal. I can't see another reason for it, really.

"I wasn't too worried about my cat eating them, because she's very fussy. Cats don't tend to gobble up things like sausage rolls, but other animals like dogs and foxes would.

"They were a little bit mouldy, with around eight 10cm-long spikes sticking out of each one.

"There are lots of dog walkers that use the park, and a football club and a running club… someone's pet could have been seriously hurt or killed."

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The image Tracy posted on the Spotted Basingstoke Facebook page racked-up more than 400 comments from horrified dog owners and members of the public.

Alongside the photo, Tracy wrote: "Dog owners be aware! My son found these in Stratton Park this morning. Sausage rolls with spikes throughout."

Earlier this year, dog owners were warned about a terrifying technique used by would-be thieves.

It involves tying ribbons or cables on gates, fences – or anything outside homes that's recognisable – to alert their accomplices that there is a dog inside the house.

Owners have also been warned about chalk “symbols” which appeared outside people's properties.

These are most commonly chalked onto their brickwork or on wooden fences.

One woman from Suffolk wrote on Facebook: "Really unsettling to discover a white chalk mark on our back fence this evening.

"Please if you have dogs, check your property for these marks and don't let your dogs out in the garden alone at the moment. Not going to sleep tonight."

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Another worried dog owner posted: "This is not a prank or wind up, this is going on and it's very serious.

"I have been targeted twice, it has now cost me £500 for CCTV. They don't only chalk, they use cable ties and they also come round and leave your gates open so when your dog runs out they steal it.

"They knock on your door to see if you want work done, that's how they know you have dogs. Please be very aware."

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