Devastated mum hit with £8k bill after rescue dog killed by German shepherd

The owners of a beloved Jack Russell who died after a German shepherd launched a horrific attack on him are going to court to try to reclaim the £8,000 bill they have been hit with.

Sparky was rushed to the vet after the attack, which happened while he was out on a walk in July, but he died soon afterwards after going into cardiac arrest, reports the Mirror.

Rachael Clark, who was eight months pregnant with her daughter when the sustained attack on her rescue pooch took place, and husband John have now begun legal action against the owner of the Alsatian in a bid to recover the eye-watering veterinary costs.

Six-year-old Sparky, who was wearing a lead and a muzzle, was out with his dog-walker in east Hampshire in July when the incident took place.

According to the dog-walker, the German shepherd was off its lead and its owner was out of sight when the attack began.

“She walked [Sparky] down a path and as soon as they saw this dog she turned away, as she always did, so our dog wasn’t so reactive," Rachael told the Mirror.

"Sparky didn’t even see the dog but within a hundred seconds it had run up and focused on him and went for him. It was really brutal.”

The dog-walker took him to the nearest vets and called Rachael and John at work to tell them what had happened. She said the other owner had agreed to meet her at the vets, but didn't show up.

When Rachael and John arrived, they were told Sparky “was on death's door and it's critical”, and were advised he needed to be treated at a specialist.

They followed that advice, and following CT scans and further testing they were told he’d been stabilised.

“When they gave us the quote for all the procedures and treatments it was still critical at that point but stable and it sounded like he had a chance," said Rachael, who works as an admin assistant for a charity.

"We thought he was going to come home, we thought he was going to pull through, but sadly that didn’t happen."

Sparky died less than 48 hours later.

The owner of the German shepherd cross was registered at the same vets, and Rachael tried to make contact with her.

She said: “I tried to call her to give her an update but she was shifting the blame, no remorse or anything like that. I mentioned about payments and stuff and insurance but she was really not very forthcoming.”

Rachael and John spoke to the police, but no law was broken because dog-on-dog attacks are not criminal offences, so the couple have started the small claims court process.

They have been advised to claim for the vet bills as well as for the cost of a new dog.

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