Denver weather: Finally a turn from wet to warmth on Wednesday

Denver’s weather will finally be making a turn for warmth and some sun on Wednesday.

Since March, there have been more rainy days with twice as much precipitation in Denver than in Seattle. Over 75% of May has been mostly cloudy to overcast in Denver. East of the divide, where Denver has received 8.48 inches of precipitation on the year, is the only area in the West with above-average precipitation on the year.

Showers and storms will develop over the hills on Wednesday afternoon, some of them could move onto the plains, but the flatlands will likely be dry. Seasonal temperatures with an abundance of sunshine in the morning are in the Denver weather forecast for Wednesday. Denver will rise to 74 degrees with a 30% chance of storms after 3 p.m. Overnight will be partly cloudy with a low of 50 degrees.

Thursday will be even warmer in Denver but with 20 mph wind gusts as well. The sunny day will push to 82 degrees and have an overnight low of 53 degrees.

Winds could gust around 30 mph on Friday, with a high of 81 degrees in Denver. An afternoon storm is possible with a low of 54 degrees.

Temperatures will hang in the low 80s to high 70s this weekend, with chances of storms in the afternoons.


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