Death row serial killer said execution would be like ‘being beamed up to space’

A chilling video shows the moment a former sex worker serial killer reveals why she murdered seven men.

Aileen Wuornos was put to death by lethal injection in Florida State Prison in 2002 after she shot seven men at point blank range in a year-long killing spree between 1989 and 1990.

However before she went to her death she was the subject of two documentaries, during which she revealed why she murdered them.

The disturbed killer also told documentary maker Nick Broomfield her death would be "like Star Trek beaming me up into a space vehicle", reports LADbible.

In the bizarre clip, Broomfield says "you killed seven men", before Wuornos replies matter-of-factly "sure did".

Broomfield continued: "I'm asking you what got you to kill the seven men?"

In a matter-of-fact way, the murderer replied: "And I'm telling you, because the cops let me keep killing them, Nick. Don't you get it?"

Broomfield then points out "not everybody" is out there killing seven people so there "must have been something" inside the serial killer which drove her to murder.

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At this point, Wuornos appears to lose her temper, hitting back with: "Oh, you are lost, Nick."

Broomfield has since said he does not believe Wuornos was of sound mind when she was put to death.

Speaking to The Independent earlier this year, Broomfield said: "We became oddly close. Her end was so tragic."

He added: "She thought her mind was being controlled by some kind of communication device within the prison.

"She was just totally paranoid and hearing voices and was scheduled for execution. It seemed to me, on that level alone, completely inhumane."

Wuornos was convicted of the first-degree murder of six of her victims and sentenced to death in 1992, but was never charged with the death of Peter Abraham Siems, whose body was never found.

At trial, Wuornos claimed she had acted in self-defence, saying every victim had raped her or attempted to rape her.

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