Dad’s heartbreak at never being able to hold newborn son killed by ex’s partner

A dad whose baby son was killed by his mum’s new partner has told of his pain at never holding him.

Liam Gibb, 34, was thrilled when he learned Lucci Smith was pregnant two months after they met.

But the relationship broke down, leaving him left out of his son’s life.

Smith moved on with Kane Mitchell, 31, who effectively took on the role of stepdad.

Liam says she refused to let him even meet baby Teddie when he was born.

Savage Mitchell went on to inflict a “catalogue” of injuries on the 11-week-old, who died in hospital in November 2019.

Liam, from St Neots, Cambs, said: “I am so angry. I’ve been robbed of the chance to be a dad.

“I never got to meet my boy or watch him grow up.

“I’ll never get to read to him or take him to football. I don’t know how to grieve for something I never had.”

A trial heard Teddie had injuries consistent with being “shaken vigorously” and “having his head struck against a hard surface”.

The tiny tot suffered a fractured skull and bleed on the brain.

Mitchell was found guilty of murder at Cambridge Crown Court in January. He was handed a life sentence, with a minimum tariff of 18 years, plus a further five years for causing serious harm to a child.

Smith, 30, was found guilty of neglect – but was acquitted of causing or allowing death and serious injury. She will serve a two-year community order.

Liam added: “My son was murdered but it’s not just me upset – my family is heartbroken too.

“They’ve robbed my mum of her grandson – she’s a wreck.”

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