Cult leader found mummified with no eyes ‘died of alcohol and silver poisoning’

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A mummified cult leader who was found in a shrine wrapped around in fairy lights died of alcohol abuse and silver poisoning, it has been confirmed.

Amy Carlson, leader of the 'Love Has Won' movement, was found lifeless by police in a mobile home in Colorado, US in April.

She was known to her devout followers as 'Mother of Love' and was found inside a sleeping bag, with her eyes so badly decayed that they couldn't be seen.

The 45-year-old's death remained a mystery after authorities suspected she had ingested colloidal silver, a substance that she was reportedly selling as a "Covid cure", reports The Sun.

But now medical examiners have proven she passed from silver poisoning, according to an autopsy report obtained by Guru Mag this week.

They ruled her death as "natural" and said she also passed from health conditions including anorexia and alcoholism.

It was reported that her decomposed body weighed in at just 75 pounds when the examination by the El Paso County Coroner’s Office took place.

Her corpse was surrounded by eight bottles with medicine droppers that had the words "colloidal" written on them, reports the New York Post.

She had a full face of make-up on which included "multicolor vibrant glitter eyeshadow" around her severely decomposed eyes.

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Police were first alerted to her death after a man phoned in to say he had found a corpse in a bedroom of his home when he returned from a trip to Denver.

The man, believed to be Miguel Lamboy, told authorities that he had taken in the group because they needed a place to stay.

Seven of her followers were then arrested for tampering with or abusing a corpse.

A follower named Karin Raymond was arrested on two counts of child abuse, one count of corpse abuse, and one count of false imprisonment, according to The Sun.

Carlson's autopsy found no evidence of trauma and it has been reported that no one has been charged with her death.

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Local authorities said they had taken "many complaints” from concerned families who said the cult leader stole people's money by brainwashing them.

Her followers were led to believe that she could communicate with angels and were reportedly told there would be a great awakening.

Carlson's son Cult previously told the Daily Beast: "It's not a great thing, but hopefully this brings an end to the Love Has Won debacle. I hope the damage stops now."

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