Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Person in Auckland’s Volt Apartments tests positive for Covid

A person has tested Covid-positive inside the central Auckland apartment building, Volt Apartments.

While the Ministry of Health is yet to announce the Queen St building as a location of interest, a resident and the building manager confirmed there is a person with Covid in the building – but it remained unclear, where.

In a notice to residents, Volt Apartments management write that there has been an “unidentified positive Covid-19 case in the building”.

It urges residents to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, get a test and get vaccinated.

“Volt Apartments hasn’t been named a location of interest yet but further notices will be displayed with the information you require at a later date.”

However, the notice, which was issued, has come three days after the case is believed to have tested positive and led to frustration amongst residents due to the lack of information.

A relative of a resident said the active case had been in the building on Friday, October 22.

The resident had been told the positive case was still currently inside the building but neither the building manager or supervisor would confirm what floor the person was on.

It remained unclear why it was yet not disclosed as a location of interest. The Ministry of Health have been contacted for comment.

“My family member has been assured by the owner of the unit that the Volt Apartments will show up on the Ministry’s contact locations list in the next few days.

“However, I do not consider this acceptable given that most residents would have been informed of at least 1 active case in the building on Friday 22 October.

“Police have also been into the apartment building.

“The most concerning part is the lack of information and transparency shown by staff given that the residents have not been told when they can leave the apartment other than to get food.”

The relative said unlike at Zest Apartments earlier this month, there was currently nowidespread testing system in place set up for residents.

“My family member was in a highly distressed state not knowing if she could leave the building for work tomorrow although fortunately she has contacted her employer who has advised her to stay where she is in the apartment.”

“I cannot imagine the difficulties for other residents with everything being so unclear right now.”

Volt Apartment’s building manager said he couldn’t comment and any statement would have to go through the body corporate.

The Herald is awaiting a response.

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