Covid 19 coronavirus: Auckland case now in Middlemore Hospital intensive care unit

A Covid-19 patient in an Auckland hospital has now been transferred to the intensive care unit.

The confirmed positive case is one of two Covid patients currently being treated at Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland.

Exactly when the patient was transferred to ICU is not yet clear.

The Ministry of Health revealed the change on its website yesterday afternoon but has yet to publicly discuss it.

The “case details” page shows one person is in hospital, but not in ICU, and one person in ICU. That fact was not referred to, however, in the 1pm statement.

“Two people with Covid-19 continue to be treated at Middlemore Hospital,” the Ministry of Health said in yesterday’s update.

“Both are in a stable condition and were taken to hospital safely using strict infection prevention and control measures which are in place for all hospital transfers from managed isolation and quarantine facilities.”

The Ministry of Health has been contacted for more information.

On Friday the ministry said two people with Covid-19 were being treated at Middlemore Hospital. Both were transferred from the Auckland quarantine facility, one on Thursday afternoon and the other one overnight on Tuesday.

The confirmation that someone is now in ICU comes as four new cases of Covid were reported in managed isolation facilities since Friday.

No new historical cases were reported yesterday. Two previously reported cases reported on May 6 and had been investigated as historical cases have since been confirmed to be so.

One of those cases was a returnee from India. The other case was someone who had from the US.

As of yesterday, the total number of active cases in New Zealand is 27. The total number of confirmed cases stands at 2352.

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