Coronavirus: Parking at NSHA sites made available for free to help support health-care workers

To better support health-care workers during COVID-19, the Nova Scotia Health Authority announced they’ve made all parking spots at hospitals free of charge for staff and patients.

“This is to make sure everyone can get to closer to the hospital, especially for doctors and nurses in an emergency situation,” said Kelly Davis, operations manager at Indigo Parking in Halifax.

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Davis said that as of Tuesday people can now find signs on Bell Road behind Halifax Infirmary and other NSHA sites pointing towards free parking.

“We’ve been very, very full here,” she said.

During this time, NSHA said they’re asking the general public to respect that parking at health care facilities is reserved for those using and working in their facilities.

But Davis said they still have parking sections for patients.

“We have a lot of employees on the ground working to make sure that we know we still have those spots available for patients,” she said, adding that there are even some much closer to the hospital.

“This is not just for COVID-19. We have to remember that there’s still other situations that require patients to go to hospitals.”

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