Coronavirus: Lake Country’s Fred Skeleton Theatre Company not calling curtain yet

With closures at venues through the Okanagan Valley on events over 250 people, the Fred Skeleton Theatre Company is taking all the precautions to offer a little bit of comic relief.


Art, the Tony award-winning play that follows the explosion of a friendship and also digs into the meaning and value that society places on art, ironically, in a piece of theatrical art itself.

“It’s definitely given me a different perspective on how everyone sees art and it’s really in the eye of the beholder and to say something is or isn’t art really is an argument that will continue until the end of time,” said Bonnie Esson, who is playing Marie.

The piece of art that is at the centre of the play is a white canvas with white paint on it.

“Serge, I think, sees the painting not just as a work of art but as a status symbol; he can say, ‘now I am a bit of a collector’,” said Neville Bowman, who plays Serge.

Art will be at the Creekside Theatre in Lake Country, B.C., from March 19-21 and from March 26-29. Tickets are available at

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