Coronavirus infects Brit child, 9, and their family at ski resort

A British family have tested positive for the coronavirus at a ski resort in Bulgaria.

They are staying in the resort of Bankso in Bulgaria, and arrived in the country on Friday evening.

The child’s uncle may have passed the virus on after having contact with his sister, who is also reportedly suffering from the bug.

Samples were taken from each member of the family and they all came back positive.

They have since been placed under quarantine and the resort has been shut.

The child is Bulgaria’s 52nd case of a coronavirus infection.

France has already closed all of its ski resorts in a further blow to the country’s tourism industry.

In Spain, a 21-year-old has died from coronavirus and is suspected to be Europe’s youngest victim.

Francisco Garcia was diagnosed with COVID-19 and also told he had leukaemia.

The president of his club Atletico Portada Alta, Malaga, Spain, said he died in hospital.

He described him as a coach, but in other reports it is suggested he had a role in playing too.

Pepe Bueno said: "He was a very good boy and a very good coach. We're still in a state of shock.

"They called me at 7pm on Sunday saying that he was stabilised after they had admitted him on Friday.

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"And an hour later of the coronavirus and (cancer)… I do not believe it. It seems impossible to me."

Spain has been ravaged by the outbreak that began in Wuhan, China.

There are more than 8,000 cases with over 300 deaths in Spain.

Meanwhile, Italy has been rocked by more than 1,800 deaths and over 24,000 cases.

According to a report seen by The Telegraph, the situation is so bad that medics may be preparing to deny intensive care to anyone above the age of 80.

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