Coronavirus horror as customer finds surgical mask in Chinese takeaway

A Chinese takeaway customer was left horrified after finding a surgical mask floating in his soup.

The customer, known only as Mr Yang, from Shanghai in East China, ordered the dish from the Yuxin Sichuan restaurant on the city’s Jiujiang Road on March 20.

The meal, which included a box of Sichuan boiled fish, contained an unexpected and somewhat disgusting extra – a grease-soaked surgical mask.

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Mr Yang said he and his wife were halfway through their 115.3 RMB (£13.79) meal when they discovered the disposable surgical mask, which had been submerged in the fish broth, and which was covered in oil and fat.

He complained to the restaurant, and was given a full refund. The restaurant management also offered him an additional 500 RMB (60 GBP) in compensation.

Mr Yang told local media that he rejected the extra payment.

Restaurant manager Mr Wu said his cook’s failure to notice the mask was an “oversight”, but he denied the business was to blame for the mask appearing inside the broth.

On 22nd March, Mr Wu told reporters: “Our investigation showed no problems in the food-making process. We don’t know how the mask ended up in the meal.

“We did not offer to compensate the customer as an admission of guilt.”

Mr Yang said he has asked for a formal apology from the restaurant, and also filed a complaint with the city’s food regulators.

To be fair to the restaurant, little errors like this can creep in even in the best of times.

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