Coronavirus fears spark egg-freeze frenzy at New York fertility clinic

A New York fertility clinic claims the demands from women wanting their eggs to be harvested and frozen have risen — because of the coronavirus .

On Friday the clinic were inundated with calls and email with clients worried about what Covid-19 will do to them, their eggs, embryos and their partners' sperm, reports The New York Post .

Dr Brian Levine, director of CCRM Fertility NY, said: “Literally, the phone has been ringing nonstop.

“I was here till 9.30 at night doing consults by phone and seeing patients.

“Yesterday, I came here at 7.30am in the morning and did not leave till 8:30pm last night.

“In the last five days, I’ve seen at least a 25% increase in volume of people wanting to proceed with treatment than any given time."

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Dr Levine added that some women who were considering treatment have had the decision made for them by the rapid spread of coronavirus.

He said: "They were on the fence [about getting a procedure] — but this pushed them over.”

He claims clients have been saying: “I was considering about doing another cycle of egg-freezing or IVF, but I want to do it now before I get the coronavirus .”

Dr Levine is trying to help calm his clients down he added: “I tell people there’s no data to support there’s any effect on pregnancy.

“It’s not like Zika,” the virus that spread a few years ago that can cause certain birth defects.

However, the unknown factors about the virus is partly responsible for people’s concerns.

“I can understand people’s fears. We don’t know anything about pregnancy (and the coronavirus)", he said.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states on their website that there is no reliable data on whether pregnant women with the virus are more at risk of an "adverse outcome".

Quarantining and the stock market's downward spiral are also influencing decisions.

Dr Levine said some women are saying: “What if there’s a six-month quarantine, and I’m 39 and will be 40 in six months?”

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And others are thinking that their health insurance might stop covering what they need.

“My takeaway for everyone is the same,” he said. “ ‘If you are considering going down this pathway, it might be the time to investigate your options and do it sooner than later.

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