Coronavirus: Brockville police to crack down on overnight parking lot use by returning travellers

Brockville police say they received a number of complaints over the weekend about recreational vehicles parked overnight in big box store parking lots near Highway 401.

Police say residents have expressed concern that Canadians returning from the U.S. by the Thousand Islands border crossing may not be undergoing the recommended 14-day isolation period for travellers to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus.

In response, the Brockville police department says it has assigned a COVID-19 liaison officer to reach out to the impacted businesses to provide some direction.

According to Brockville police Staff Sgt. Andrew Harvie, the complaints have been specific to the Brockville Walmart and the Real Canadian Superstore.

“Currently there is no legislation that mandates self-isolation, as such, the police do not have the ability to order people to do it,” Harvie said in an email.

“We are working with local business to ask them to assist by not permitting overnight camping and screening people before they enter the store.”

Harvie confirms that contact was made Monday morning with a manager at the Brockville Walmart store to discuss the issue.

Harvie added that Brockville police “continue to work with all levels of government and our local businesses in order to rectify this situation.”

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