Coronavirus: Brandon University students to vacate residence this weekend

Students living in residence at Brandon University are being required to move out before Monday due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The university says out of an abundance of caution, all students who are reasonably able to must move out before 5:00 p.m. Sunday, March 22.

In an email statement to Global News, a spokesperson for the university says there will be some exceptional circumstances, including international students, those who are self-isolating, and those who need extra time to move long distances.

“We are taking this action after careful consideration, and believe this is the best way to ensure the health and safety of our entire community,” the statement reads in part.

They add the decision will impact about 290 students, although it’s not yet clear how many will be leaving.

Public access to the campus is also being limited, however the university says there is no reason to believe anyone there is at risk, and no cases of COVID-19 have been identified.

Courses are set to resume Monday, March 23, however there will be no in-person classes or exams for the remainder of the winter 2020 term.

Exams will follow the regular schedule, and deadlines for voluntary withdrawal and application to graduate this spring have been extended by one week.

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