Coronavirus blood test that tells you if you’re immune ‘will roll out this week’

Scientists have developed a blood test that can detect immunity to coronavirus.

Researchers in New York plan to roll out the cutting-edge antibody detector in the next few days.

Anyone who is verified as having immunity will be allowed to go outside and have full social contact as they can’t transmit the virus.

Antibodies from fighting coronavirus should be detectable after seven days of execution.

But it is still too soon to tell how long the immunity will last.

Test creator Dr Florian Kramer said the it was “cheap, straightforward, and easy to scale.”

He said: “People probably cannot get reinfected once they mount a good immune response and have antibody levels.

“Once that is the case, these people are more likely safe to resume relatively normal activities, without risk of becoming infected or infecting someone else.”

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“It will be essential workers who need to be tested first, like nurses, firefighters, and doctors.

“It will be great to know that they would not put themselves or others at risk by going back to work because they cannot spread the disease.”

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb added: “If a sizable portion of a local community has some protection, authorities can be more confident in relying less on invasive measures.

“Once deployed, serological tests are cheap, straightforward, and easy to scale.”

It comes after a coronavirus test that provides results in just 45 minutes has been given the go-ahead.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the rapid diagnostic test to be used in American hospitals and emergency rooms.

It was developed by Cepheid, a California-based molecular diagnostics company.

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