Cops need help finding ‘dangerous’ criminal with incredible ‘BEAST’ face tattoo

A man on the run has been mocked for his bizarre face tattoos which have been compared to "a badly drawn mask to hide."

Cops in Australia have launched a manhunt for Jaimes Sutton who has been ridiculed after he inked his face with the words "beast."

Authorities have called for help from members of the public who have been left bemused by his mugshot.

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The Murray River Police District said he is wanted for outstanding warrants and has been linked to dangerous crimes.

According to 9News, Sutton was meant to attend court earlier this month after he was bailed for property damage and assault charges.

Police have urged people to contact CrimeStoppers if they see him and said: "he is known to frequent the Deniliquin area."

Despite Facebook comments being turned off, users have still flocked to other social media sites to question why he hasn't been found yet.

Many said his outlandish appearance should make it easier to find him.

One user wrote: "Surely he will blend in with society easy, making it hard to find!"

Another person added: "What is he wearing?…so I can easily identify him."

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A third said: "He’ll be very difficult to find, being such a conservative-looking dude he’ll just blend in with the crowd."

However, some people couldn't get over the quality of his tattoos.

One person wrote on Twitter: "I also like to doodle with a pen when I am on a phone call, but I normally just use whatever paper I find laying around. To each their own."

While another said: "I love that the word Beast is done in the bubble writing we all thought looked mint on our year 6 geography posters."

A third commented: "Did he rob a pen factory?"

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