Cold weather and 25-hour wait as people warned not to join Queen’s coffin queue

Mourners have been warned of cold weather and 25-hour wait time should they join the lengthy queue to see the Queen's coffin at Westminster.

Tens of thousands are said to be joining the queue, which currently snakes through a chunk of London, to pay their respects to Her Majesty as temperatures dip below 10C.

According to an online tracker recording the length and capacity of the queue, mourners are warned that it is "near capacity" and that they should "not travel to join The Queue."

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Mourners wanting to pay their respects at Westminster will have to brave potentially rough weather, and head all the way to King's Stairs Gardens in Rotherhithe to join up.

Frosty weather could meet mourners queuing up to pay their respects, with light showers also predicted for those stuck in the queue.

A band of rain in the North East could "push cloudier skies into Northern Ireland and the south during the day" says BBC forecaster Helen Willets, whose forecast also warned of a "brisk northerly wind" which could push showers further south.

Ms Willets also warned that temperatures "in towns and cities will get to single figures, four and fives in places and out in the countryside lower still."

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Those attempting to join the queue have been warned to wrap up in weather-appropriate clothing and bring plenty of food and drink to consume while they wait.

One mourner in the queue, Tatie Kirst, 38, said: "I think I'm prepared, I brought my good coat, I have a stool if I need to sit, I'm getting food and water, and we're going to walk the way."

Another undeterred mourner, James Birchall, 33, said: "I’m absolutely amazed because there is so many people, young and old – I did not think young people would come, necessarily, because they are not really in tune with monarchy, but there’s so many young people here to pay their respects which I think is awesome."

An official tracker from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport is livestreamed to YouTube and has have even asked some mourners to think twice before joining the queue, which is currently "near total capacity".

Potential mourners are asked to "check back for updates in the morning", with the queue currently holding a wait time of "at least 24 hours."

The lying-in-state period for Her Majesty the Queen has drawn a record number of crowds, with the current tracker showing the queue is around five miles long.

One member of that five miles long queue, Vlasta Picker, 73, said: "I came here in 1977 on the Silver Jubilee. I was really quite mesmerised, it was massive in 1977 and I have admired her ever since because she was a wonderful person, unique."

BBC Weather this morning tweeted out localised temperature reports from London, which featured one specific to "The Queue", with an average of 7C reported.

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