China to deport man for refusing to wear face mask during coronavirus pandemic

A man filmed attacking a security guard with a mobile phone after he refused to wear a face mask in central China is to be deported.

Video taken by stunned onlookers show the foreign national being stopped by a security guard as he tried to walk in South Feihong Square in the city of Xi'an.

The man refuses to put on his mask, going against a current law in China to do so in an attempt to prevent contracting coronavirus.

He starts arguing with the guard while shoppers watch on and call the police.

The man gestures to the crowd and appears to say "f*** this" before he walks over to pick up his phone.

He claims he is returning to his rental apartment above the mall before turning around and throwing his phone towards the security guard.

Xi'an police arrived and arrested the man after the incident on Sunday, March 29.

Authorities posted an update on its official Weibo account that the foreign national will be stripped of his visa and is ordered to leave the country within a given time.

But no details of the foreign national have been given.

Xi'an Police wrote on Weibo, a Chinese equivalent to Twitter, that the foreign national has violated public order acts.

According to China's Public Security Administration Punishment Law and Exit and Entry Administration Law, the man was given an administrative punishment and was given a restricted time frame to leave the country.

As the coronavirus pandemic started in China, Chinese officials have ordered people to regularly wear face masks as a precaution against catching the killer bug.

Residents are also required to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres (4.92 feet) away from one another in public.

In Beijing, officials have proposed new law enforcement, including using public spoons and chopsticks when sharing a meal, as well as forbidding illegal trade of wild animals.

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