China ‘has been preparing for WW3’ for years as experts claim they have proof

Experts have suggested that the next World War will be started by China, and its huge military has already been training for it for the past few years.

Current tensions between Beijing and the West following China's activities near Taiwan and in its air space has experts believing that a full-out conflict is inevitable, and could happen soon.

Chinese soldiers have been seen training in a mammoth replica city which shares many similarities to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

It reportedly only took China two years to construct the mock city – and clips began to emerge of the People Liberation Army (PLA) conducting a menacing-looking invasion drill.

The clip showed troops dropping from choppers into the fake city, as exploding bombs caused smoke to rise up from the streets, as soldiers made their way to presidential headquarters, reports.

Experts claim that the invasion drills show that the PLA is "more than ready" to take on a full-blown conflict.

If China was to carry out the drill for real, a bloody chain reaction would likely occur, with the United States and its allies being drawn into defending Taiwan.

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The Diplomat reported that despite the mock presidential building not being an exact replica of the real thing in downtown Taipei, the many "similarities are striking".

"Both of the buildings have a bisected rectangle layout, are five stories high – with six stories at the corners – and have a central tower over the main entrance," the report added.

As well as the presidential building, the replica features an L shaped structure opposite that bears many similarities to Taipei's First Girls' High School.

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The Diplomat's report said: "Its sports field is the largest space near the Presidential Office Building that would be unencumbered by vehicles or trees if the PLA’s helicopters were seeking to land close to Taiwan’s seat of government."

Taiwan Defence Ministry said the country's training drill and mock city was "absolutely unacceptable".

Beijing has since said that the attack was a routine drill.

But The Diplomat report claimed that the drill was not in any way routine, claiming that the "real" drill had "practical value for the PLA in training for an invasion of Taiwan."

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