Charles ‘may make Buckingham Palace base of Royal Family’ when he becomes king

Prince Charles could move to live in Buckingham Palace and turn it into a Royal Family base, a royal commentator suggested.

The 73-year-old heir-to-the-throne was said to see the royal residence put to use and its full value since it's going through an extensive renovation.

This re-servicing project reportedly cost the British taxpayer a hefty £369 million, which involves parts of the palace that have not been touched since World War II.

According to royal commentator Neil Sean, he noted Prince Charles could be thinking to make Buckingham Palace a permanent home for the Royal Family.

He said: "I've been told by senior palace courtiers that Prince Charles is now warming to the idea of basing the British monarchy within Buckingham Palace.

"Now we know, of course, it's going to be some time before he does become King Charles but the reason for his change of heart is he truly believes it is the centrepiece of royal life."

Neil reminded his viewers that "everything central to royal life" happens on the famous balcony – including royal weddings, celebrations of the Queen's birthday and the RAF flypast.

"When you think there's so much history on that balcony and for it not to be used well by senior members of the British monarchy is quite, frankly, daft," he continued.

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"It also is the centre point for the rest of the world, all eyes centre on Buckingham Palace when there is a major royal event, which has got Prince Charles re-thinking the fact that perhaps other senior members and lesser royals should now be making this their more permanent home in central London."

Although a number of Royal Family members live in a Kensington Palace, Charles would be "shrewd" enough to know that British taxpayers that fund these renovations, and more importantly, the British monarchy, wants to see its full value and put to use, he added.

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