Cat in coronavirus ‘quarantine’ taken for pram ride by its owner

This bizarre video shows a man filming his cat being pushed along in a pram like a baby in what he says is “day seven of quarantine” as coronavirus continues to spread through the world.

In the clip, the kitty can be seen peering through the mesh in excitement as it is taken for a stroll through the dark and deserted street.

Twitter user @TeamWillWright, from Jacksonville, Florida, US, shared the video with the caption: “We’re now taking my cat for walks. #Quarantine #COVID19 #coronavirus.”

In an earlier photo of the cute white feline sitting in a suitcase, he referred to the animal as “my child”.

There is no official lockdown in the US but the White House has published a document called "15 days to slow the spread" which tells people to stay home if they feel sick and to quarantine their entire household if a family member tests positive for coronavirus.

Older people and those with underlying health problems are also advised to "stay home and away from other people".

People self-quarantining have been amusing themselves by posting videos on social media of their cats getting up to mischief.

This funny clip shows a moggy with a shopping bag being sent off to "buy food" for his family who are stuck indoors.

And a man filmed his cat staring out the car window in amazement when he took her for a drive.

People have also been trolling their cats by presenting them with unappetising food so they sniff it and then gag in revulsion like a human.

A "broken" cat was also caught with an unnatural expression on its face after becoming overwhelmed with excitement while playing with a toy ball.

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