Car plunges through window where lucky gran, 78, would normally be watching TV

A gran feels lucky to be alive after a car smashed into her living room in the middle of the night.

Heather Dance, 78, from Newport in Wales left the couch to go to bed early that night – and would have been killed if the car had walloped into her front window while she was there.

But it wasn't all good news, as the front garden Heather carefully curated was wrecked by the upside-down vehicle.

Husband John, 79, was flicking through his iPad when the shocking collision took place early on Tuesday morning.

Bricks from on top of the garden flew 30 yards "like bullets", John told WalesOnline.

Heather said: “There are many nights where I’ve been sat right there.

"The lord was watching over us, I know that.”

Eyewitness John added: “I’m hard of hearing and even I heard it, it was awful.

“I thought my iPad had blown up at first. Then I thought someone must have been throwing bricks.

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"I shouted. I saw the window smashed and the blinds at an angle.

"I went outside and was surprised I couldn’t see anyone. Then I saw the headlights and the car leaning against the house. It was smoking at the back.”

Gwent Police said a man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving – but he was later released without charge.

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John and Heather said they no longer feel comfortable in their own home, specifically as their house isn't protected by a tree or anything else which could block a hurtling car.

The elderly couple now sleep in a spare room at the back of the house.

Heather explained: “We’re nervous now.

"I'll be sat next to the window from now on and I’ll be nervous. We haven’t got our tree to protect us.

"Our neighbours are thinking the same thing. How can you stop something like that from happening again? It can happen to anyone.

"We keeping finding shards of glass in our fingers. You don’t know until it’s in your hands.”

But John was able to see the happier side, saying he was grateful God was looking down on them that night.

At church the following Sunday, he couldn't help thinking the divine had played some role in saving their lives.

John said: "We honestly believe God was looking after us.

“An hour earlier and we’d have been dead. I’m not being dramatic there. With everything that came through the window, we couldn’t have survived that.”

Enquiries are ongoing and anyone with CCTV footage is asked to call Gwent Police, quoting log reference 2100263422. You can also contact them on social media, or you can report information anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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