Cannibal killer chopped bodies and collected genitals – in oblivious gran’s home

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Twisted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer committed horrific murders – right under his unassuming gran's nose.

In total, he killed 17 men and boys throughout his 13-year reign as one of the world’s most depraved killers.

Dahmer was sent to live with his grandmother Catherine Dahmer in Milwaukee after he was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct – and it was here, in here quaint home where he carried out some of his most vile crimes.

The beast, who would have turned 62 today (May 21), if he hadn’t been brutally beaten to death in prison, shot to notoriety after his heinous crimes were exposed.

The twisted criminal once used his bare hands to subject his victims to unimaginable horror and he tried to tear into Steven Tuomi to remove his heart, before killing him and putting him in the boot of his car.

He brought the body back to his grandmother’s house, cutting it into small pieces over time and disposing of all but the head in the trash.

A few months later, Dahmer crushed Tuomi’s skull into small pieces and scattered it in the back of the house.

Horrifically, the first person Dahmer actually killed in his grandmother's house was a 14-year-old boy.

The depraved killer lured in young James Doxtator with a promise of $50 and strangled him to death, leaving the body in the basement for a whole week.

He then proceeded to dismember the body and, one again, disposed of everything in the house bin besides the head.

Dahmer lured in his next victim two months later, 22-year-old Richard Guerrero, again with the same promise of $50.

As soon as he was dead sick Dahmer performed sex acts on the body before immediately dismembering and disposing of it.

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His grandmother began to get concerned at the bad smells emanating from rooms in the house – but apparently failed to realise it was his victims' rotting flesh.

Despite repeatedly asking him to move out, Dahmer was unable to secure an apartment and stayed living and killing in his grandmother's house.

Dahmer lured Anthony Sears into his grandmother's house one year after the killing of Richard Guerrero.

He carried out his usual murder routine and dismemberment but decided to preserve Sear's genitalia and head.

Dahmer brought these with him when he moved into his own apartment in May of 1990. He would murder 12 more people after the move.

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Dahmer didn’t just murder the men he killed – the brute carried out evil games including injecting hydrochloric acid directly into the skull to make his own “sex zombie” and ripping out hearts with his bare hands.

The monster was motivated by a desire to take total control over those he was attracted to, and this manifested in shocking bursts of brutality.

One of Dahmer’s most ghastly kills was inflicted on 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone, who tragically met his fate at the hands of the serial killer’s needle.

Whilst some of his victims were strangled, Dahmer kept Konerak alive whilst he drilled a hole in the back of his head and injected acid into the front of his brain.

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He performed other deranged experiments on the teenager as he carried out crazed sex fantasies, before eventually chopping him up and storing his body in acid.

Another tragic fatality was Steven Hicks, who was the very first person killed on Dahmer’s rampage.

He was a hitchhiker fresh out of High School when he met Dahmer, before he was hit with a barbell and strangled to death.

Although Dahmer initially buried Steven in his garden, he later dug up the remains to skin them and smash up his bones with a sledgehammer.

Another grim attack saw him slit Ernest Miller’s throat before he took pictures of his body, cut him into pieces and kept his biceps in the fridge and his bones in bleach.

His 17th and final victim, Joseph Arthur Bradehoft, 25, was left dead on Dahmer's bed for two days before being decapitated. His head was placed in a fridge and his torso in a 57-gallon drum.

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In a chilling quote, Dahmer admitted he ate his victims' body parts and explained: “Soilex removes all the flesh, turns it into a jelly-like substance and it just rinses off.

"Then I laid the bones in a light bleach solution, left them there for a day and spread them out on either newspaper or cloth and let them dry for about a week in the bedroom.”

He was eventually caught by cops as he attempted to murder his 18th victim, after Tracy Edwards became freaked out in Dahmer’s apartment after he noticed a foul odour and boxes of hydrochloric acid.

Dahmer was arrested and sentenced to 15 life sentences before he was killed by a fellow inmate in November 1994.

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