Bus firm boss only wants people ‘who love politically incorrect banter’ for jobs

A bus company boss has driven “snowflakes” round the bend with his latest job advert.

Trevor Shore says he only wants people who love “politically incorrect banter” to work for him.

And he warned “millennials and social justice warriors” need not apply to join his team of part-time drivers.

Trevor, who won an MBE for his road safety work, said: “I really can’t be doing with this PC world that we live in.”

But his advert, which was written by his compliance officer and cousin Mark Self and posted on his firm ’s Facebook page, has already upset some killjoy youngsters.

Joker Mark, 44, said “a couple of 18-year-olds” have moaned that it was “inappropriate” but most people told
him they love it.

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Trevor, 62, told his critics to lighten up and have a bit of fun.

He added: “I’m old school. I’ve done quite a lot in my life – worked on the railways, buses and coaches.

“We used to have loads and loads of fun at work on the railways.

“The things we used to do and say you can’t do now as you would get the sack or be disciplined.”

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He went on: “You watch Coronation Street and at the end it says, ‘if you have been affected by this, please phone this number’.

“You might as well stay indoors, brick up your houses and not go out because if you go out the front door you might see something that upsets you and that might offend you.

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“It’s just got too much.”

Colleague Mark said of the team at their family-run travel firm in Poole, Dorset: “We are in no way politically correct.

“We’re just a fun company to work for.

“It doesn’t seem that people have fun any more.”

He went on: “We mentioned people needing to be able to put up with ­politically incorrect banter as it’s a way of saying we need someone up for a laugh.

“We also need a good ‘people person’ who has the ability to talk to the road sweeper who effs and jeffs, and also to Mrs J

ones from the fine arts society.”

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