Buffalo supermarket shooting suspect posted chilling manifesto before attack

The suspect of the crazed Buffalo supermarket shooting posted a chilling manifesto before he launched an attack that killed ten people at a supermarket.

The document, which claims to have been written by Payton Gendron, 18, detailed his hopes to "encourage further attacks that will eventually start the war that will save the Western world" and to "save the white race."

A hate-filled PDF, allegedly from the suspect, asked and answered his own questions in a detailed Q&A and even admitted to potentially feeling remorse for his actions.

When asked do you feel remorse for the attack?, he answered "I don’t know I haven’t done it yet stupid. But if I were to guess it would be yes."

He also posted results of a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality test to try to demonstrate he is "perfectly sane".

Officials said the shooter was heavily armed and wearing tactical gear when he turned up at Tops supermarket in Buffalo in what cops described as a racially-motivated attack.

Gendron, from Conklin, New York, killed three people in the car park and injured a fourth before fatally shooting the security guard who tried to stop him.

It has been reported that he stormed into the store to continue his deadly rampage which he sickeningly live-streamed on the platform Twitch.

Officials have not disclosed the names of the victims but confirmed eleven of the 13 people shot are Black.

It has since been revealed that his manifesto shared plans to attack Black people and repeatedly mentioned the “Great Replacement" Theory, which is the flawed idea that a clique is trying to replace white Americans with non-white people through methods such as immigration, interracial marriage and violence.

The PDF claims the suspect targeted Buffalo because it was the city with the highest number of Black people in his vicinity.

Part of the document reads: "I am not a warfighter, nor have I been enrolled in any military or tactical training, so excuse any mistakes I make during my attack.

"I was never diagnosed with a mental disability or disorder, and I believe to be perfectly sane."

The document also alleges that the Covid outbreak was when he first started his "research", which led to the attack, while branding himself a "gun nut".

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It was initially posted to Google Docs just two days before the mass shooting, at 8.55pm on Thursday (May 12) and featured the shared date of birth and biographical details with the suspect in custody.

The Erie County District Attorney’s Office confirmed Gendron was arraigned on Saturday (May 14) evening in Buffalo City Court on one count of murder in the first degree.

A senior law enforcement official told NBC News that work was underway to verify the document.

“We are aware of the manifesto allegedly written by the suspect and we’re working to definitively confirm that he is the author," they said.

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