Brit who saved twin from croc attack ‘feels like it happened to someone else’

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A British backpacker who saved her twin sister by repeatedly punching a crocodile on the nose said it was a “surreal” experience and “it feels as though it happened to someone else”.

Georgia Laurie and her sister Melissa were visiting a lagoon in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, when the shocking attack happened.

The pair had been taken to a part of the Manialtepec Lagoon where crocodiles were nesting by an unlicensed tourist guide earlier this month.

When a crocodile grabbed Melissa by the leg, Georgia managed to fight off the 10-foot beast and free her sister from a death-roll.

Yet Georgia has said she doesn't feel like a “hero” despite saving her sister, The Mirror reports.

In an interview with the BBC, Georgia described the whole experience as “surreal”.

Asked if she felt like a hero, she said: “It’s a difficult one, I don’t. I think maybe that comes down to self-esteem.

“If someone told me the same story I’d say: 'Wow! That’s so brave of you. Like that’s a really… you’re a hero'. But it’s hard to believe compliments yourself, and when someone says these things to you, because it feels surreal. The whole thing feels surreal.

“It doesn’t feel like it actually happened to me. It was an out-of-body experience at the time.

“So it’s just, it’s taken a time to process really, that I did that, that actually I did that. You know, I helped save my sister’s life."

Georgia also wanted to point out how Melissa “fought hard to stay alive.”

Melissa was left with serious injuries, including a punctured lung, but has been making a speedy recovery in a hospital in Oaxaca – even though her condition means that she is not yet well enough to fly back to the UK.

She has been visited by her parents, Sean and Sue Laurie from Sandhurst, Berkshire, who are helping to look after her in Mexico along with her sister.

Melissa was initially put into an induced coma by medics after she was rescued from the beast’s jaws by her heroic twin, as her wounds had become infected with sepsis.

She also had serious lung injuries, lacerations to her organs and bite marks to her body which became infected.

Melissa is expected to need another couple of weeks recovery in Mexico before she is well enough to board a plane back to the UK.

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