Brit tourist in Afghanistan gets on TV and says ‘it’s better than Birmingham’

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A barmy Brit who goes to danger zones for fun managed to blag his way onto Afghan TV and took the opportunity to drag England's second city.

Miles Routledge, a former physics student at Loughborough University, said he settled on Afghanistan last summer after Googling "most dangerous countries to visit" and picking the top entry.

Despite being evacuated as the Taliban violently took the country, the 22-year-old who funds his trips with money from his loyal subscribers, is now back after crossing from Peshawar, Pakistan to Kabul late last month.

Since then, he's been having "tea with the Taliban" and generally being a normal tourist, but in a war zone.

Yesterday, May 3, he posted a picture on his popular Twitter account of him standing with a television presenter.

"Talked my way onto international Islamic and Afghanistan TV," he captioned the snap.

He said the "TV exclusive" will be edited and released by the network later.

Miles then added: "Oh yeah forgot to mention – on Afghanistan national TV I said 'it's better than Birmingham'."

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The 22-year-old often criticises his hometown online, and even says he feels safer in Kabul than he does in Birmingham.

He previously said he "will claim refugee status in Ukraine or Afghanistan before I move back to Birmingham," sharing a video of an apparent machete fight in his hometown.

In March he shared a video of an apparent daylight robbery in Birmingham and wrote: "I joke about my upbringing in Birmingham being more dangerous than my time in Afghanistan or Ukraine but scenes like this…"

But it's safe to say Kabul, which is under Taliban control, is more dangerous.

Last Friday, a powerful explosion killed more than 50 worshippers after prayers at a Kabul mosque, the latest of a series of attacks on civilian targets in Afghanistan during Ramadan.

Even still, Miles said he feels safe there. He told the Daily Star: "I'm not worried at all, I feel very safe even walking around at night alone."

On Wednesday, April 27, Miles turned heads when he broke bread with Taliban fighters after accidentally strolling into their compound.

He called them "kind" and despite receiving criticism online, he told the Daily Star that he's just calling it like he sees it.

"Well, If I go somewhere and don't like the government or people, I'll flat out say it like I do with Birmingham," he said.

On Monday, Miles boasted about the 'amazing' Afghan food he purchased for £20 as he slammed Western media for claiming it's "bad" – before he got 'food poisoning'.

His initial tweet said: "US is the richest country in the world but many struggle with food. Western media says Afghanistan is bad but everyone shares food if they cannot afford and everything tastes amazing!

"All this for $26 at a top restaurant. Thank you, Taliban."

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He added: "People are like 'the average Afghan cannot afford this' and yeah like I said, this is a top restaurant, I can't afford top food in England either!

"People share food with the homeless and everyone eats in Kabul."

But everything seemed to go quite quickly downhill after that as just 10 hours later the self-professed 'Catholic adventurer' claimed to have fallen ill with food poisoning.

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