Bloke transforms ‘bland’ council house with unbelievable ‘Sistine Chapel’ art

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A bloke who decided to give his “bland” council house a Renaissance makeover has finally finished the project after 18 years.

Robert Burns, 74, from Brighton, Sussex, began painting his council house in 2003 after moving into the three-bed terraced property with his wife.

He has recreated art from some of the world's most famous artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Sandro Botticelli – but he’s given the artworks a modern twist by including portraits of Boris Johnson, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby alongside the renaissance-inspired murals that echo the world-famous decoration of the Vatican City’s Sistine Chapel.

After spending 18 years painting every wall, ceiling and hallway in his house, the retired decorator has finally run out of room for his Renaissance-style paintings.

Robert explained: "When I moved into the home in 2003, I felt the home was very bland and simple throughout.

"I used to visit car boot sales in Lewes and I found a book that had pictures of the Sistine Chapel and remember thinking, what an amazing place that is.

"I started buying even more books from charity shops and I built up a collection of beautiful books that I took inspiration from".

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"You can decorate council houses in whatever way you want," he added, "and this is what I chose to do to make it my own.

"I only truly discovered my talent for painting when I began redecorating the house and I do wish I had discovered it when I was younger as life as an artist would have been great fun.

"I have no more space so I've moved onto painting canvases and I just stack them up in the spare room."

Robert initially moved into his council home after going through a divorce.

He has vowed to stay in the home and continue painting Renaissance-style canvases despite running out of room.

He said: "I've began painting celebrities in Renaissance style; my most recent has been Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

He said: "I've began painting celebrities in Renaissance style; my most recent has been Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

"During the first lockdown, I also painted Boris Johnson and did a few Sandro Botticelli inspired paintings.

"We won't ever move out of this home and the next people that do eventually move in can choose to paint over it all if they wish to."

Robert says he has spent less than £500 on acrylic paint over the 18-year period.

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