Bloke spends £55k on luxury mansion for dogs with disco, pool and rollercoaster

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A Chinese man has taken pampered pets to the next level by spending £55,000 building an elaborate luxury mini dog manor with amusement park rides and a television for his pet dogs.

The man, known just by his surname Zhou, has spent three years building the luxury dog home for his collection of over 10 pups in Xuyi county, Jiangsu province, eastern China, news site reports.

Zhou, a 33-year-old crayfish industry businessman, said the reason he spent so much on the elaborate kennel is that he loves dogs and giving them a luxury doghouse had been his dream since childhood.

Called China’s doghouse ceiling — the facility not only has a traditional kennel, but also has air conditioners, a TV set, a water dispenser, a drier, an elevator and a toilet room.

To entertain his dogs, Zhou also added a film projector, slides, swings, swimming pools, a disco room, a mini Ferris wheel, toy cars and even a small retail booth inside the estate.

He said: “I don’t buy expensive bags or clothes. I just spend my money on my dogs.”

Zhou, who has 8.5 million followers on the short video platform Douyin, said the original design was on a far more modest scale, but after pressure from his followers, he made over 200 changes to the project.

In 2019, Zhou built a modest brick kennel for his dogs and released a picture on Douyin, hoping to receive a thumbs-up from the internet.

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However, one web user wrote: “There is an absence of couplets on both door frames of the doghouse. I will give you negative feedback.”

Stung by the criticism, Zhou immediately added couplets to the door frames.

This kicked off a flood of critical online comments suggesting there should be more equipment, home appliances and amusement park infrastructure.

Zhou responded by installing slides and swings, and a film projector after internet users said the dogs looked bored.

He also organised a pool party where he dressed his dogs in bikinis and added foam to the swimming pool.

By the end of 2021 Zhou had spent 228,000 yuan (£27,000) on his puppy paradise, but did not stop there.

At the start of this year, he spent another 100,000 yuan (£12,000) on a 5,000 square-metre block of land beside a lake to create an amusement park, with a pool, mini roller coaster and miniature train for his dogs.

“I find my life not as comfortable as that of his dogs,” commented one internet user.

“Brother Zhou, are you short of any dogs? I want to be one and live in your home,” another person wrote.

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