Blistering summer hits 28C but sun worshippers must wait for true heatwave

It may be hot out there but according to the boffins at the Met Office it might not be quite warm enough to be officially declared a heatwave.

In fact under the strict rules of what is technically a "heatwave" the UK is likely to just miss out meaning sun worshippers will have to wait that little longer for one.

To meet the definition of a heatwave, areas must see three consecutive days of high temperatures – ranging from around 25C to 28C – depending on location.

Although temperatures around the country are expected to stay in the twenties on Thursday, most places will not "tick the box" for a heatwave, reports PA.

However that does not mean that parts of the UK on Thursday will be seeing blistering temperatures, with east Anglia expected to reach 28C.

London and the south east of England will also feel incredibly hot with the mercury pushing up to 27C.

Steven Keates, meteorologist at the Met Office, said it was "unlikely" that heatwave criteria would be met.

"We define a heatwave depending on three consecutive days meeting certain temperature thresholds and it depends where you are in the UK – it ranges from about 25 to 28 degrees," he said.

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"My suspicion is that a handful of places will come close to meeting the thresholds but not many will tick the box for a heatwave.

"I think it's going to be a bit of a near miss for most places.

"It's been a lovely warm spell but if we're using the strict criteria we use to measure it then I don't think anywhere is going to quite get it this time."

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Much of the UK on Thursday will experience a very warm day with most places staying above 20C.

The morning may start as rather cloudy and humid but the cloud will hopefully lift in the afternoon.

"It'll be pleasantly warm for most of us but a bit humid in the east tomorrow," said Mr Keates

Before adding that more heavy rain was expected late on Thursday and overnight on Friday.

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