Black Lives Matter protestors should self-quarantine for two weeks – doctor issues advice

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A leading GP from Australia has called for protesters who attended the Black Lives Matter rallies across the country to self-isolate for two weeks to help prevent a second wave of coronavirus. President of the Australian Medical Association Tony Bartone said there was a risk of mass transmission of the virus at Black Lives Matter protests. He advised demonstrators to consider quarantining after they arrive home from an event.

He wanted to emphasise communities still need to have an “abundance of caution”.

He said: “It is appropriate that they consider their role and their position and also look at the option of isolating themselves from the rest of the community for that two-week period”.

Dr Bartone added: “What we saw on the weekend and indeed at any mass gathering of that size, regardless of the cause, regardless of the position, is the potential to put the community at risk.

“It was clearly against the advice of all the health authorities.

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“Health authorities will this week be bracing themselves.”

Referring to the protesters, the doctor added: “They should really think about what they’ve done over the weekend.”

But Dr Bartone said the safety measures did not negate the risk of coronavirus spreading at protests.

He said: “Masks could provide a false sense of security in mass gatherings.


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“We only need one infectious person to have attended the rally. “

In Australia alone, an estimated 60,000 demonstrators marched at rallies across the country on Saturday.

In Sydney 20,000 protesters marched and 10,000 demonstrated in Melbourne and a further 30,000 massed in Brisbane.

Tens of thousands of protesters across Australia and many more times that across the world took to the streets to join the global protest on Saturday.

Marches have also taken place in the UK.

These are in solidarity with the movement that ignited in the united states after the multitude of innocent black people killed at the hands of US police.

The latest wave of condemnation comes after George Floyd’s tragic death when a US police officer forced his knee onto the victim’s head, cutting of the blood supply to Mr Floyd’s brain.

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