Birthday party gunman who gunned down six guests was ‘upset he wasn’t invited’

A gunman who killed six people at a birthday party was angry because he hadn’t been invited, police said.

Teodoro Macias, 28, allegedly killed six people in a violent outburst at a party in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Sunday before turning the gun on himself.

The Colorado Springs Police Department believe the Macias was the boyfriend of one of the female victims and had arrived uninvited at the resident.

Macias was reportedly upset about not being asked to go to the party despite having dated his girlfriend for roughly a year, police said in a press conference.

Officers claim Macias was known to be a jealous and controlling individual.

Macias unleashed his terror upon seven people at the event, killing six with the seventh victim still in hospital, authorities said.

Seven children who had been in attendance, including a two-year-old, were uninjured.

Police initially thought there had been fewer casualties, as a dispatcher had told medical services: "Police on scene are advising that there are four victims and that you are clear to go in."

The shaken dispatcher went on to clarify: "The sergeant on the scene is saying that medical is cleared to enter for all six patients. … They’re saying we have six."

Among those killed were Macias’s girlfriend Sandra Ibarra, her sister, Mayra Perez, and brother Jose Ibarra.

Her sister's husband, Melvin Perez – whose birthday was being celebrated – was also killed, along with his mum Joana Cruz, and his brother Jose Guitierrez.

Melvin's younger sister Nuvia Marquez survived the ordeal.

Macias is believed to have killed himself after the shooting.

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Neighbour Gladys Bustos said: "We’re all in shock

"How can this happen here? This is all so painful, so devastating, so overwhelming."

Macias had no known prior arrests, nor any domestic-violence complaints against him, local police said.

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