Beauty queen accused of kidnapping ex, tying him to bed and making him sex slave

It is said the course of true love never runs smooth.

And if Kirk Anderson's claims are to be believed, that was certainly true for beauty queen Joyce McKinney, who allegedly travelled thousands of miles to kidnap her ex-lover before making him her sex slave.

The jaw-dropping tale of McKinney's apparent sexual obsession has so many crazy elements to it – from sacred chastity underwear to the bondage call girl fleeing justice disguised as a nun.

It's no wonder it was eventually made into a movie.

The saga began when McKinney, 25, met macho 6ft 4ins Mormon Anderson, 19, at a drama class in Utah, US.

The story goes that they had a passionate affair until guilt-stricken Anderson went to a bishop for advice and the church arranged for him to move the UK to get away from her buxom clutches.

McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming World 1973, then apparently hired a private detective to find him.

When she learned he was in the UK, McKinney is said to have convinced three men to help her get him back in a "rescue mission", claiming he had effectively been kidnapped by the church.

One of the men later told how he joined the plot partly because she wore a see through blouse and no bra at their first meeting.

However, when they arrived in the UK and discovered she had travelled with a fake gun and chloroform, he and the other man bailed out of the plot.

McKinney and her architect friend Keith May rented a cottage near Okehampton, Devon, packed the fridge with Anderson's favourite food and McKinney studied The Joy Of Sex manual.

They are then alleged to have tracked Anderson down, threatened him with the fake gun and bundled him into the back of their car.

Once back at the cottage, it is claimed that McKinney handcuffed Anderson to the bed with a 10ft chain and mink-lined handcuffs, ripped off his special Mormon chastity underwear and repeatedly had sex with him, vowing to do so until she became pregnant.

When Anderson eventually promised to marry her, he was apparently freed from his chains and fled.

McKinney was arrested and charged with kidnap because, at that time, there was no provision in law for a woman raping a man.

She told Epsom magistrates in 1977 that she loved Anderson and that the sex was consensual.

She said: "I don't have to beg for boys' services. I am 38-24-36 so I don't beg. I was Miss Wyoming. When I made love with this sexy tiger I adored, I gave him the whole works."

She also told the court she would “ski down Mount Everest in the nude with a carnation up my nose” for him.

Anderson – who became knows as the "manacled Mormon" – told the court: “I didn’t wish it to happen. I was extremely depressed and upset after being forced to have sex.”

It was then reported that McKinney had been working as a call girl, specialising in bondage, to raise money to carry out the plot.

Initially remanded in custody, after three months McKinney was released on bail on the grounds of her mental health and fled to Canada on a false passport, pretending to be a nun.

The British authorities had no interest in getting her back.

In 1984 she was accused of stalking Anderson back in the US, where she was found with chains and handcuffs in the boot of her car.

He has always declined to further comment on the case.

In 2008 McKinney popped up in South Korea and hit the headlines after paying a scientist $25,000 to have five puppies cloned from her pit bull, Booger.

In 2010 she participated in a film of her story called Tabloid.

Tragedy ensued in 2019 when she was allegedly involved in a fatal hit and run in Los Angeles. The incident resulted in the death of a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor.

Police said she had been living in the car with her three dogs and court proceedings were delayed after experts ruled she was mentally unfit to stand trial and needed psychiatric care.

In February 2020, a judge again ruled once she was not fit to stand trial. Her next hearing was scheduled for August 2020, but it did not go ahead.

McKinney, now 72, is thought to have spent time as a homeless person.

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