BBC Weather: ‘Widespread frost’ hits UK as cold reaches minus region ‘Needed two coats!’

BBC Weather: Widespread frost as temperatures drop below zero

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Carol Kirkwood revealed on BBC Breakfast most of the UK will see sunny skies for the next few days with the odd isolated shower in the north. But Ms Kirkwood did want the public to think the sun meant warmer days as in contrast to last week the average temperature range will be several degrees less. She explained widespread frost was expected over the coming days with some areas seeing -1C temperatures meaning a very chilly commute.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood warned while the days will be sunny the temperatures would not reflect that.

She explained: “Now the weather today is not too shabby, it is a cold start to the day.

“There’s some frost around but there’s also some sunshine too and it’s feeling chilly.

“Not really surprising, when you consider there’s quite a widespread frost.

“High pressure is in charge of our weather at the moment.

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“We’ve got some clear skies, but equally you’ve got a weather front moving southwards, bringing some cloud in across the southeast.

“And another weather front moving across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“You can see amber colours so not quite as cold for you as it is as we come further south, but a lot of sunshine.”

Ms Kirkwood then revealed some showers could be expected in some parts of the UK.

BBC Weather: Chilly temperatures forecast across UK

She added: “Now we’ll catch a few showers across parts of the east coast of England.

“Then into the southeast and the Channel Islands through the day, breezy here.

“We’ve got a front across northern Scotland a bit of cloud for you with some patchy rain or indeed some drizzle.

“You might see a little bit of that getting into Northern Ireland but for the rest of the UK we’re looking at a dry day with a lot of sunshine around.

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“Temperatures between about seven and 10 degrees.

“So it will feel chilly [Monday] but it’s all relative compared to last week when some of us got up to 17 degrees.”

Ms Kirkwood then turned her attention to Monday overnight and said early Tuesday will see temperatures fall into the minus region.

She continued: “As we head on into [Monday] evening and overnight period, we still have all this cloud heading a little bit farther south producing some showers, some drizzle as well.

“Still some showers across the English Channel in the southeast and where we’ve got the blues it is going to be cold.

“Cold enough for some frost.”

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker commented on the weather and said he needed to wear two coats for his early commute into the studio.

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