BBC Weather: Weather warning issued as heatwave sends temperatures soaring to 30C

BBC Weather: Heatwave temperatures and sunshine forecast

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Speaking to BBC Breakfast, weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker warned temperatures will continue to soar over the weekend as the UK is gripped by a scorching heatwave that looks set to continue into next week. He explained how a period of high pressure that has drifted in from the Azores in the Atlantic is causing the temperature to rocket leading to high UV levels and weather warnings issued across the UK. The weather is in stark contrast to the devastating floods that are currently unfolding across western Europe in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. 

The weather presenter said: “We haven’t had a sustained period of fine weather for a little while but it’s upon us now.

“It is thanks to high pressure which has drifted from the Azores, high pressure means that the air is sinking.

“A lot of sunshine on the way for many parts of the UK today.”

Saturday will see top temperatures of a baking 30 degrees in Hull, 30 in Gloucester, 28 in London, 29 in Cardiff, and 24 in Plymouth. 

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But the BBC presenter warned Britons of the very high UV levels on Saturday and through the weekend, with the south of England reporting “very high” rates of UV as Brits are advised to keep themselves safe.

He added: “Lots of sunshine into the evening hours, a balmy night.

“This coming night and into tomorrow it is going to be pretty warm too.

“City temperatures will be around 15/16 degrees, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even higher than that.”

BBC Weather: Heatwave temperatures and sunshine forecast

But he warned there will be a “subtle difference” in Sunday’s forecast.

Mr Schafernaker explained: “Because winds blow around the high pressure, it is actually going to push in slightly cooler air off the Atlantic.

“In and over Scotland and Northern Ireland and into northern England.

“That means the hottest weather will contract towards the southern half of the UK – so it is the south that will have the hottest day tomorrow.”

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Sunday will see highs of 31 degrees in London, 29 in Cardiff, 29 in Birmingham, 25 in Hull, and 20 in Edinburgh.

Temperatures are due to drop slightly next week as patches of cloud arrive but will remain in the low to mid-twenties for much of the UK.

Scotland will see most of the cloud through next week as the sunshine will be interrupted by patchy clouds.

But Cardiff could see temperatures remain high at around 28 degrees on Monday and remain in the high twenties through the week.

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