BBC Weather: UK faces flood warning as heavy rain batters UK over the weekend

BBC Weather: UK faces flood warning as heavy rain batters UK over the weekend

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BBC Weather forecaster Sarah Keith Lucas noted that the UK will face heavy rain over the course of the next two days. Due to the heavy rainfall, some parts of the UK can expect flooding as well. Temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid-teens despite the rainfall.

Ms Keith Lucas said: “If you have got plans this weekend to be outdoors the weather is a bit up and down.

“Unsettled is going to be the story this weekend.

“We have had a lot of heavy rain over some parts of the country over recent days and there is a bit more to come in the forecast over the weekend.

” It is also going to be quite breezy too and with that breeze, the rain will be moving quicker through, it won’t get stuck in one place.”

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The weather forecaster noted the multiple weather fronts set to hit the UK over the next few days.

She said: “This area of cloud is front that is bringing this morning wet weather.

“It is draped north to south with some heavy bursts of rain mixed in.

“There is still flood warnings in force here too.

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“The rain will edge its way eastwards through the day and clearing the east coast of England and Scotland by the middle part of the afternoon.”

Temperatures on Saturday are expected to be between 10 and 15 degrees.

This warm weather is noted as being warmer than the last few days and it should remain warm going into the weekend as well.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster closed by saying: “Saturday evening looks mostly dry, only seeing one or two showers.

“Through the second half of tonight, that is when the next area of low pressure spills its way in.

“It is going to bring some heavy rain to Northern Ireland, Wales, and the southwest of England.

“This is going to be combined with some strong gusty winds for early Sunday morning.”

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